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We log into the game to meet you at a specific meeting point to proceed to the delivery. Therefore, you need to be online at the same time as him to receive your order.Please contact our live chat to confirm the dealing place in the game for your fast delivery after payment done.

-36% $15.66 $9.88 (1,000 +100 M ISK)
About This Game

What is Eve online? Eve online is an MMO sets in a science fiction that focus mainly on flying a variety of space ships fit to a multitude of roles in the universe spanning more than five thousands solar systems. It is common to log in Eve and find 20,000 and 35,000 gamers online at any certain time. Eve Online has a lot of various play-styles in sandbox that it is unable to give a comprehensive ideal in a short post.

We offer EVE Online gold with fast delivery. This is one of the key factors that Eve’s learning curve is the essentially vertical for newbie when compare with the theme park style Massive Multiplayer Online Games like Wow. As you start to play EVE, you may feel confused about the different choices for play styles covering a lot of complicated mechanics that the EVE can offer just any tips on how to be powerful than others.

Eve Online has another obvious difference from most MMOs is its skill training system. Instead of you can accumulate XP on the basis of in-game play time in other MMOs, you your skills train whole day in Eve even when you offline. You can refer to eve online guide for help. The biggest superiority in this is that is does not set you at an immense inferior position against the basement-dwelling-neckbeard set who has almost eighty hours a week to devote to level up. But you just wield skill-books. Eve Online also has its security status system. Eve universe has 4 different sorts of space: Sovereign null security space, NPC null security space, low security space, and High security spac. You can buy eve online isk for power leveling as well.

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