Analysis of the Last Epoch Trading and Item Camp System

Analysis of the Last Epoch Trading and Item Camp System

The world of Itera will have two item camps:

Merchant Guild - allows you to trade items with other players through the bazaar or directly
Ring of Destiny - allows you to get more items through prophecies and passive bonuses

Join the camp

After arriving in the upper area of the commercial town of Magarka, you can join the Merchant Guild or the Circle of Destiny. Here, Zerrick will introduce you to the two factions and let you know what each brings to the table. After selecting the Merchant Guild or the Ring of Destiny, you will be directed to the scene of the camp: the market or the observatory. We will introduce these two scenarios later, but before that we first understand what it means to join a camp, and some mechanisms common to both camps.

Item camp interface

With the item camp guidance, you will open a new UI interface, which will display the details of your camp. The default key for the camp interface is the "Y" key. You can also open the camp interface through the pop-up list next to the magic ball at the bottom of the screen.

Faction class and reputation

Your level in the camp determines the benefits you can enjoy. If you want to get more benefits, you need to gain reputation through two ways and upgrade your camp level. The first is gaining experience points, such as killing enemies and completing tasks, so you will naturally gain reputation with your current faction during your adventure. However, if you want to get a lot of reputation at once, you need to use the core mechanics of the camp, either by trading in the Merchant Guild or completing the prophecy in the Ring of Destiny.

Your reputation with the faction will not be lost or consumed, and is shared with other characters on the same account. For example, if one of your Expert Season mode characters has reached Level 7 in the Circle of Destiny, all other Expert Season characters will also be at Level 7 after joining the Circle of Destiny, and can continue to increase the shared camp level progress. Characters in different game modes, such as lone wolf or non-season mode, will not share camp reputation. The principle is the same as the warehouse sharing mechanism.

Each camp has a total of ten levels, and it takes a certain amount of time to reach the tenth level of the camp. Therefore, although players can switch camps at any time, choosing a camp and then fixing it can maximize potential benefits.

favor value

Favor is the main currency of the faction. Unlike reputation, favor points are currencies consumed when using the camp mechanism. Consuming favor points will allow you to gain reputation. In the Merchant Guild, you need to spend favor points to list or purchase items. In Circle of Destiny, you need to spend favor points to obtain prophecies. Favor points can only be obtained by killing enemies and completing tasks. The amount obtained depends on the amount of experience gained when killing enemies. Therefore, in the later stages of the game, favor points are obtained faster, which means that more rewards can be redeemed in the camp. 

If you have excess Favor, you can spend it at the Faction Merchant.

Item camp class requirements

As a member of the item camp, many items will have camp class requirements. You can find this information at the bottom of the item tooltip.
In the Merchant Guild, items purchased from the market will have camp class requirements added to them.

The faction level requirement for a Merchant Guild item is equal to the trade level requirement for the item. For example, if you buy a statue in the market that requires level 4, you need to be at least level 4 in the merchant guild before you can equip it. If you purchase a unique gold weapon that requires level 6 and has legendary potential, and then synthesize it into a legendary weapon, its equipment requirements will remain at level 6 and will not be raised to level 8 (the level required for buying and selling legendary weapons). If you purchase a legendary weapon directly, its equipment requirement is level 8.