Game experience of Strike Storm in World of Warcraft chicken fighting mode

Game experience of Strike Storm in World of Warcraft chicken fighting mode

Recently, Blizzard officially released a trailer for the "Strike Storm" mode, and this mode was officially launched as a limited-time event (lasting for several weeks) with the 10.2.6 update of "World of Warcraft".


This mode can accommodate up to 60 players. Participants need to search the Arathi Highlands map, try their best to survive, find and upgrade skills, and become the last survivor on the Arathi Highlands.


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The "Strike Storm" mode will be launched in the official server of "World of Warcraft". Each game takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Players who participate in the game and complete the progress can obtain rewards such as styling items, pets, titles, and mounts.

How to play Strike Storm mode

       1. Launch the desktop application

       2. Click the World of Warcraft icon above. If you don't see the icon, click on All Games and select it from the list.

       3. There is a drop-down menu above the install button. Confirm installation of World of Warcraft.

       4. Click Install.

           After entering the official server of World of Warcraft:

      1. Select Strike Storm from the World of Warcraft game options to join the battle.

      2. Create new, directly playable characters to join the event. You don't need a reserve of knowledge of classes and races to engage in melee.

      3. You can choose to play alone or invite friends to play together. To invite players, you can form a team from the Hegemony Storm character screen and click Duo. If there is no pre-formed team, the system will automatically pair you with another player. You can also chat, customize your character, and browse queue information through the character selection screen.

Some "chicken-eating" tips:

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1. Each character has 2 attack skills, 2 functional skills and 1 consumable. The level will affect the damage of basic attacks and skills. The skill level will only affect the cooldown time.

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Magic treasure chests can release skills. In addition, elite monsters must also produce a skill, while ordinary monsters have a low chance of dropping it.

Gold chests can be used to get money, which will be used as tokens to increase reputation and experience points.

Consumables can be obtained from supply boxes. Don’t open them if they are not used in the early stage. It is a waste of time. Open them after they are used in the mid-term.

2. The airborne landing at the beginning can directly kill an elite monster, just hit it!

3. Reputation mainly relies on gold coins and world tasks (will be given at the beginning, and 250 will be given after solving it). At this stage, the income from fighting is extremely low, so don’t fight if you have nothing to do. Just be patient. The reputation of the first place is 700-1000, and it takes about 15 fights. Minutes, the more gold coins you pick up, the more reputation you will get. If you just want to fight for reputation, you can consider completing the tasks quickly and then directly give it to the next one. The first task every day will get +800 reputation.

4. The airdrop looks like a golden demon spirit with unlimited hatred. Unless you have Shadow Flash to clear the hatred, don't open the king. The king will continue to spray gold coins and a small amount of skill props. If you die, you will have purple skills.

5. Skill related (the name is based on impression only and needs to be revised)

You can double jump before channeling the skill to avoid slowing down your running speed during channeling.

Generally speaking, long-range PVP is weak (mainly interrupting blood regeneration), and PVE can pull monsters much faster.


T0: Fire Tornado

T1: Fire Strike, Elemental Sonata (the last hit doubles the damage)

T2: Abscess Strike, Arcane Light Ball, Shield of Justice

T3: Cyclone Flash, Earthquake, Arcane Bomb, Ice Arrow


T0: Shadow Flash, Appearance (Ye Fa Charge)

T1: Thunder Barrier, Arcane Reflection (invincible and silences enemies within range), Frost

T2: Immobilization trap

T3: jump back