Flyff's Boss Complete Raiders

Flyff's Boss Complete Raiders

The rich material rewards make friends who face the boss salivate, but the super high attack of the boss also makes people shy away. How can I safely fight the Boss? Is there any good card position method to deal with Boss? How to grab the Boss? How to prevent being robbed Boss? So many questions made my sleeves a headache, so I had to secretly go to the legendary "Flyff" Boss Killer Training Camp, and stole the textbooks prepared by the top instructors there. I believe everyone read this article about how to deal with Boss After the strategy, everyone should be able to become Flyff Boss Killer. When the time comes to hit good things and make a fortune, don't forget the benefits of sleeves. (Add frame and background color treatment, use the figures with windy sleeves as decoration pictures)

Must kill! Boss Returns to Heaven Three Great Skills (Level 2)
Skill 1: Positioning Method (Level 3)
Safety Index: 8.5
Efficiency Index: 5
Snatched Index: 9
"Did you get stuck today?
" A must-have greeting for those who meet recently. Today's Boss fights are all about skill and safety, so position blocking tactics are the most appropriate choice. So what is a card boss? And how should this tactic be implemented? The following will give you a detailed explanation.
Since the monster's traveling route is a straight line, at this time, if there is an obstacle blocking it in the middle, the silly Boss will only rush towards the obstacle, not knowing how to go around it. The blocking tactic is to use the advantages of the terrain to block the boss in one place so that it cannot move. You don't need to teach the rest, you can ravage it however you want.
Example explanation (the title is black and bold, and the text below is boxed)
. After attracting the Boss on the plain, let him run with you. When he sees a place with stones, he will immediately jump behind the stones. The Boss will not jump. Can only be stuck in the middle of the stone. At this time, carefully move to the side of the stone, be careful not to move the position of the boss, and then you can attack it boldly. This method is suitable for all occupations.
The other is in places with alpine terrain. Lead the Boss over and run up the hill. When running to the middle of the mountain, jump up and go up, so that the Boss can be stuck in a corner of the mountain, and you can't get up or down. It should be noted that at this time, do not move any more, just stand still and attack. This method is only suitable for occupations with long-range attacks. If you are worried that you are not proficient enough, you can go to Iron Chou to practice.

Trick 2: See-saw play (level 3)
Safety index: 7
Efficiency index: 7
Robbed index: 7
The so-called see-saw attack is the characteristic that the mage uses the speed difference between the boss and himself and the monster will automatically walk back when it cannot find the target Come and grind the powerful Boss to death. First, we lead the Boss out of its range of activities, the farther the better. Then determine the initial attack point according to the level of your ice necklace, use the quick cut key to attack N times, then run back, and then hide after running away. How many times this N is determined according to your own situation, if the skill bar is black, just use the quick cut key to type. What needs to be paid special attention here is that in the next few steps, you must not only ensure that the boss cannot hit you, but also ensure that the boss is not thrown off by you, which is very knowledgeable. After stealth, the Boss will go back when it loses the attack target, follow up and hit it with continuous skills, and when the Boss turns around and chases after it, it will be invisible again. Repeating this, even the strongest boss will be ground to death. Combo skills can choose three hits and one concealment, or two strikes and one concealment. This method is the fastest way to fight the boss.

Trick 3: Skilled Hard Resistance (Level 3)
Safety Index: 6
Efficiency Index: 5
Snatched Index: 3
This trick is the least fancy of the three tricks, and it can be used by both soldiers and priests. The method is very simple, set the skill shortcut keys, prepare the required medicines, and place them in a good position to start. When fighting, the key is to master the speed of skill casting and the rhythm of taking medicine, especially when facing a boss whose level is much higher than your own, if the rhythm is chaotic, accidents are easy to happen.
In fact, mages can also use skills to resist hard, but they are more demanding on the terrain. Basically, the hurricane is used to blow the boss on the steep slope. Although the attack is very low, almost all bosses can be hit like this. Or you can use your advanced ice necklace to drag monsters to fight, as long as the place is wide, it can basically be done. It is also required that the operation should be good, the rhythm should not be chaotic, and you should know how many steps back you should play. The disadvantage is that the speed of killing monsters is average. To practice this style of play, it is recommended to fight the Iron Lord.

The above three methods are currently the main methods for fighting the boss, and you can choose a method that suits you to use. Personally, I think it’s better to combine these methods. For example, slotting and sawing. Let’s use the giant-eyed iron man at level 63 as an example, because the terrain where the giant-eyed iron man is located is mountainous. You can use the seesaw method. Use God's Curse to reduce all attributes of the Boss first, then the Boss will rush towards you, don't be afraid, walk up the mountain by jumping after a few steps. If you see the Boss approaching, use the advanced ice chains to slow down his movement speed. If you are still worried, use the tornado hurricane to blow him back, and continue walking until you are satisfied. Then I saw that when I ran halfway up the mountain, I jumped up, and the giant-eyed tin man was likely to be stuck there, and then I could stand there and cast magic on him with peace of mind. At this time, you can change to a little more advanced magic, such as Spiral Gale and Ice Chains. Everyone has to ask why not use Tornado Hurricane? Because the first two spells will not move the boss, if you use the tornado to move the boss, isn't it a white card?

Advanced! Teaching of the three major professional secrets (level 2)