World of Warcraft: CATA nostalgic clothes are coming too But as long as this point is not changed, it will never explode

World of Warcraft: CATA nostalgic clothes are coming too But as long as this point is not changed, it will never explode

Some time ago, Blizzard officially announced the news of the "World of Warcraft" WLK nostalgic server, which was an indirect acknowledgment of the previously rumored nostalgic server trilogy plan. However, due to the success of the nostalgic server, Blizzard naturally took a longer view. Recently, it even directly hinted at the official forum of the US server that players will open the CTM nostalgic server!

Blizzard's direct hint is that it recently posted a question on the official forum of the US server, asking players what is the most dissatisfied with CTM? The reason for such a question is because Blizzard made drastic changes to the game in the Cataclysm version, and even reworked many old maps, but the results were not ideal. It can be said that the downhill road of "World of Warcraft" is Started from CTM.

In fact, for players, it would be great if Blizzard could open the CTM nostalgic server. After all, although CTM is the beginning of the decline in the number of players, there are still many loyal players. However, Blizzard's intention is obviously not only to satisfy these loyal players, but also to allow other players to accept the CTM nostalgic server, and to make magical changes to the CTM version, similar to the current WLK cancellation of random copies, based on player feedback. Online players are satisfied nostalgic clothes.

But when it comes to CTM, presumably the biggest slot is that the 10-player dungeon and the 25-player dungeon start to drop the same CD. This point has been criticized by players for a long time, and they think it is the first step to kill the guild group. And the change of the 10-player dungeon has indeed had a huge impact on the guild system, because according to players voting with their feet, it can be found that the 10-player dungeon is even more delicious than the 25-player dungeon!

Although Blizzard has always emphasized social interaction in the game, the 10-player dungeon is actually more fun for many players than the 25-player dungeon, especially after Blizzard entered the CTM era. One person makes a mistake and the whole group sells the bill, but it still makes many players who are strong enough suffer from a few bastards in the group who are not strong enough.

This also led to the fact that 10-person groups are more popular than 25-person groups in the late CTM. Players found that playing with ten powerful players in the guild would be much more enjoyable than playing a 25-person group with the bastards in the group. But this kind of operation certainly satisfied the 10 powerful players, but it deeply hurt the hearts of those players who were difficult to join the group.

In the current nostalgic server, players can see the game environment. There are many more bastards and gold farmers in the nostalgic server than in the past, and once Blizzard really does not change the total CD of the 10-person group and the 25-person group If this point is lost, then it is certain that the CTM nostalgic server will not be popular, and many people will be turned away by the high threshold!

Of course, since Blizzard has asked questions now, it is obvious that such a huge slot should be changed by Blizzard, and the CTM nostalgic server will also focus on "social interaction" like other nostalgic servers. But such news is also a kind of harm to those players who like 10-person groups, just like the WLK nostalgic server hurts the players who are looking forward to random copies, and these players may also be persuaded by the "social" of the CTM nostalgic server.